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Dating relationship. Dating relationships. Dating relationship advice


Hello, dear friend! Are you here to find a dating relationship? Of course you are! We will help you with pleasure! Here is one dating relationship advice for you: in order to be successful in dating relationships you are sure to know the meaning of names of those people whom you like. Here is the secret of the name John.

This name is popular in many countries and cultures: Jean, Yan, Hans, Giovanni, Yuhan, Huan, etc.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Planet: Sun
Colour: white
Stone amulet: diamond, turquoise
Favorite plant: chamomile
Patron: horse
Lucky day: Wednesday
Lucky season: autumn
Major features: self-reliant, gentle, open-minded.

You can congratulate John on his name day: 31 January, 28 June, 29 October, 27 April.

In childhood John requires much love, affection and care, though it seems that he can take care of himself very well.

Grown-up John is very active, strong and enjoys good health, which he often takes to the limit forgetting that nothing lasts for ever.
John is very responsible, he makes decisions slowly, thinking them through for a long time. He lacks intuition; he cares a lot about other people’s opinion of him, he is reliable and serious.
The sphere of John’s activity is vast, he can work in any occupation, but manual labour suits him best.
John is a very devoted friend, always ready to help, sympathetic, shares everything he has. He suffers greatly when somebody has treated him badly, but he does not take any measures against his offenders, he believes in a higher justice. His home is open for false friends and, of course, close friends, colleagues and numerous relatives. John communicates with all his relatives; he is always knowledgeable about not only his brothers’ and sisters’, aunts’ and uncles’ matters but also about his wife’s relatives.’
He has a very extraordinary relationship with his wife. A woman marrying John should be ready for surprises. However, he values his marital relationship. He likes children and helps parents. He is not afraid of manual work, does construction work himself, mends appliances and shoes. He is ordinary, easy-going and unpredictable.
John adores different kinds of conversations and likes to discuss politics. Though he is not jealous his response to the courting of his wife by another man may be rather pointed.

John Travolta was born in Englewood (New Jersey).
This handsome chap of sophisticated Italian and Irish blood mix was destined to become a representative of the youth of the 70s, particularly to those that enjoyed dancing. John Travolta chose his way rather early in life. Plastic (graceful) long-legged he seemed to be born to dance. It was in dancing that beauty and body “plastics” were observed, the ability of the actor to express the feelings of his heroes to the best advantage.
John Travolta started professional performances at the age of 16 and was quickly noticed by professional producers. Performances at New Jersey theatres, then on Broadway, TV invitations, the first success in the TV sitcom "Welcome Back Cotter" (1975) demonstrated to John Travolta that he was correct in his career choice. In the same year he entered movies (the Devil’s Rain, 1975), but he became famous after the movie "Saturday Night Fever" (1977), in which the actor managed to communicate typical characteristics of the youths from that period: a young man whose aspirations go no further than disco fun. Job, study, house work – all are buried, and only in fast-moving dance rhythms can a young man realise himself, his ambitions and dreams. Here he is ‘King,’ but an evenings fun passes fast and the daily routine comes again and the hero begins to count the days and hours to the following Saturday…
In this picture John Travolta proved for the first time to be not only a good dancer but a dramatic actor and also not void of a sense of humour (it is enough to recall a scene in which the hero is getting ready to go dancing). Success was proved to be steady in the film “Grease" (1978) and for his starring role of a Brooklyn disco dancer John was nominated for an Oscar. Almost every year at the end of the `70s and the beginning of the `80s a new film starring John Travolta appeared on the screen and little by little in the viewers’ mind, the image of this charming guy was being fixed and who, in addition, was also an excellent dancer.
The happiest moment in the actor’s life came with a decision of the American movie star Sylvester Stallone to try his hand at stage direction: "Staying Alive" (1983) became “star-making” in the story of John Travolta as well. He, as a starring actor, was to show on the screen a success story of a dancer, not only the trappings but the seamy side of life – hard toil, sweat, traumas and disappointments which he has portrayed brilliantly.
When shooting for the made-for-TV movie "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble" in 1976, John fell in love with Diana Hyland, who played the role of his hero’s mother. The 18 year age difference did not become a hindrance for their love affair.
However within a year John had become a widower –Diana had a cancer. Soon this disease also took the actors’ mother. The death of two such close people put John out of his stride: in the `80s he abused alcohol, filming was seldom and in unfeatured films. The only really remarkable role at that period was "Jack" from De Palma’s thriller "Blow out" (1981).
The actor was recalled at the end of the `80s when he appeared in the picture "Look Who’s Talking" (1989), where , by the way, he met his current wife - actress Kelly Preston. Since that moment John’s path was again lit by the happy star of success and love. On April 13, 1992 John and Kelly had a son, Jett, and on April 3, 2000 Kelly gave birth to their daughter Ella Bleu.
Meeting with Quentin Tarantino, a master of revitalizing actors who had fallen into creative oblivion, allowed John to become one of the most brilliant stars of the `90s. For the role of the gangster "Vincent Vega" in "Pulp Fiction" (1994) he was again nominated for an Oscar. Twist, which the comics and drugs lover danced with Mia Wallace (played by Uma Thurman), became the most popular dancing film event of the last decade of the 20th century.
John was paid only 150 thousand dollars for starring in "Pulp Fiction" but thanks to his success in this film his fee rose to 10 million dollars, and by 1996 he is paid 17-21 million dollars for the movie. Success really changed for success.
John was again called a cult actor and was inundated with lucrative offers. For starring in John Woo`s film "Get Shorty" (1995) John won the Golden Globe.
"Broken Arrow" (1996), "FaceOff" (1997), "Swordfish " (2001) are just a few of the popular movies with Travolta starring.
In 2000 Travolta produced the film "Battlefield Earth", an adaptation of the novel by the science fiction guru Hubbard. John himself played the role of the main alien tyrant - Psychlos Terl. This fantasy thriller, shot in "B-movies" style, in reality turned out to be a happy-ending, anti-utopian film, with evil, carrying destruction to humanity, as the main and probably the only success of the movie.
Currently, John is one of the most highly paid Hollywood actors. Following his childhood dream, he has acquired a pilot`s licence, three jet planes and a "Boeing- 707". His most dramatic achievement in aviation was in December 1993 when he landed at an airport which had no electricity. It was on a frosty night so that darkness and ice provided him with excellent vision.
Once he was asked what principles guide him in his life, he answered: “always make your own decisions, do not bargain with your conscience, do not speak with a person who is unpleasant to you" . "If you live according to these rules you may achieve a better life.” He has achieved this for himself. Hollywood obscurity did not break his stoicism and faith in himself. Travolta says “Catastrophes are earthquakes, air disasters, “Titanic” shipwreck (but not the films.)”
They, pilots, know better.

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