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Anecdotes gags jokes humor

Free dating website. Dating website profile. Single dating website online dating website.

Do you believe that all free dating websites have only a data base of dating website profiles and that’s all? Not our online dating website! On our singles dating website we also have anecdotes which you can use to make someone you like smile.

Are you here looking for true love?

With separation and divorce so commonplace that most people see them as inevitable, it seems the very idea of marital commitment is fast becoming an alien one. What

If there is one thing...
  uk dating singles, dating singles   If there is one thing worse than having laws – it is in applying them! >>>
After the game our national team played...
  free dating website, single dating website   After the game our national team played we would like something to change – either the rules or our nationality! >>>
Darling – do you think...
  free online dating. online dating   Darling – do you think I am like the ideal woman? No, you are something greater – 50kg greater! >>>
Kindness will win out over evil...
  online dating website, dating website profile   Kindness will win out over evil – it will bring evil to its knees and kill it brutally. >>>
The average speed
  dating relationship advice, dating relationship   The average speed of a woman moving in a shop – 250 dollars per hour. >>>
Difference in mentalities
  free online dating, online dating site   Difference in mentalities: A British man, on seeing an amber traffic light at 200 metres, looks in his rear-view mirror and brakes, ... >>>
Money can solve any of life’s problems
  online dating agencies, dating agency   Money can solve any of life’s problems except one – where to take them. >>>
The idyllic life
  free dating website, online dating website   The idyllic life – a man sits in an armchair reading Stephen King, and next to him the dog lays reading a Korean cookery book. >>>
A chap is sitting, drinking in a dimly lit bar
  dating relationship   A chap is sitting, drinking in a dimly lit bar. He sees a large blonde woman on the next chair and decides to try out a chat-up line on her: Do you ... >>>
The paradox
  matchmaking sites, online matchmaking   The paradox is when happiness is knocking on the door, and you complain about the noise! >>>

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