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Verses for falling in love

Free dating personals. Free singles dating

Free dating sites usually have a lot of free dating profiles and as soon as you enter the site of a free dating agency the first thing you see is a great number of pretty faces. Then you wish to write a letter but what words to use? Our free singles dating site offers you verses which can be used in your first letter to show your romanticism on the dating free online website. Good luck!

It is that feeling of arousal, of pleasure, of believing in yourself when you think of the one you love. You have a thirst for health, fitness, wellbeing, hope and trust. And it just has to be expressed.

Thus is explained the Knight in shining armour, in love with his charming and beautiful Lady, and the oath by which he proclaims his love for her. An oath which is an expression of their mutual understanding, respect, happiness, harmony and unsurpassed love, that perfect destiny which two lovers so fond of each other aspire to.

When you grow really fond of someone you will put the happiness of that person before your own happiness. You will want to express those feelings of amazement, intensity of feeling and tenderness, in words more beautiful and expressive than you’ve ever heard before.

And when you decide to express your love in words it takes considerable effort, will and wisdom to find just those words which are most worthy of the sentiment. In times gone by the special rhythm and rhyme of such verses were learnt by heart because they evoked sweet sensations of togetherness, trembling and mutual passion.

Read the verses. We offer you our favourites, but you too can send us the verses of the poets you most admire, or even write some exquisite love-lines yourself and send them to us to share with everyone. Send mail.

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