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30, Ukraine

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Привет!Симпатичная, добрая ... хочу подарить свою любовь и нежность серьезному и надежному мужчине

Я люблю путишествовать, животных, музыку.Свободное время провожу со своими друзьями и родными
Personal Info
Screen name: Evgeniya
I am: Female
Looking for: Male
Birthday: 07-03-1983
Country: Ukraine
Region: Odes'ka Oblast'
Nationality: Ukrainian
City: Odessa
Marital status: Single
Figure: proportional
Colour of eyes: Green
Type of hair: wavy
Length of hair: long
Education: university
Occupation: Accountant
Financial status: Average
Religion: Christianity
Zodiacal sign: Cancer
Smoking: Smoking
Drinking: Take alcoholic drinks sometimes
Narcotic: Do not take narcotic
How often are you online?: A few times a day

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