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Autumn fairy-tale about love

Dating relationship advice. Dating relationship

Do you wish to have good dating relationship advice? In a dating relationship you should be sincere, romantic and give your partner as much attention as possible. Don’t you know how to get in the romantic mood? Read the following story on our dating website.

An autumn has already come to an end… But however it left nice, sunny days in our memory, which warm us in such nostalgic time of year.

An autumn… someone likes to go for a walk in an autumn park, someone drinks tea under a warm blanket and listening to the music of autumn rain’s drops, and someone mutters under one’s breath that he is bored with these dampness and cold.

But let’s look at everything from the other point of view: �There is no bad weather�. And that what we see in life. In any cases there is something …something like pleasant moments and happy events and events that warm our soul.

It is an autumn park that I like very much, it lies not far from my house under a many-coloured blanket.

Once in the morning, I woke up and, knowing that had all day in my disposal, I took a book, dressed warmly and decided to visit my favourite tree and sit on a bench near it. It met me with gladly and even gave me a sincere smile, having passed the ray of an autumn sun through the crown. Having opened a book, I felt a gently cool autumn breeze that touched my cheek, as though wanted to tell about something.

I set the book aside and at once paid attention to a not very big orange leaf that having torn away from a branch danced a weird dance together with a wind. No sooner had it fallen down but the strong hands of a young fellow caught it up. He caught falling leaves with great happiness and joyful vanity. And then, closed his eyes and presented this autumn bouquet to his sweetheart, she smiled sincerely and cheerfully in reply. You can see it in a film.

I still can not forget this scene. I also sat and smiled. In fact here it is happiness! - sincere, bright, unforgettable.

And I thought, there is no need to ask whether there is love or whether we are ready to take him or her. It doesn’t pay attention to the weather or to your mood. It just knocks and enters quietly into you heart… love, that comes in our life.

I had not read the book than. But what an unforgettable feeling of light and gladness did the Autumn give me! And now I know for sure – if you look more attentively you will see an alike fairy-tale near yourself, just beside you. Perhaps you are heroes of such a fairy-tale? Or, maybe, you will create such a fairy-tale for your sweetheart a today?

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