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What we think of love and marriage

Internet dating site. Free internet dating

You have found a great internet dating site and registered on it. Very good of you! Do you think this is the only thing you should do to be successful in internet dating? Of course not. You should look through all available internet dating services and get to know the internet dating site policy concerning love and marriage.


We can investigate the phenomena of love in all its aspects on our site www.meeeting42.com together with other participants.

Love has as its source sexual sensuality, but is not exhausted by it. There is something immeasurably greater with it: the union of souls, the self-disclosing of the person, the texture of mind, eg. wit, passion, and will.

Expectation - acquaintance - honey period - awakening - own history …These are stages of development and interlacing of all kinds of the love attitudes(relations) ….

Eternal and always new …

Is in this movement something general? Whether it is possible to learn(find out) and to prevent some difficulties of the love relations and to come nearer to dream in reality ( moment one’s waking)?

The materials of this part of a site www.meeeting42.com will be effective at crises, which experience ALL (but not all reflect about it) in process development of the relations. By the way, what is crisis? Whether it is terrible? What you know about it or what do you think? Can, you have any happy, ridiculous, sad, very clever or on the contrary, very much naive discoverings? Your special sight on the relations in life and to life?

Everybody is equal when it comes to love. Age, education, sex, country of residence, these do not give any essential advantage, and everyone can be the expert in the unique shades of a theme and bring in the experience to general research

Item, about which you want to tell about love. Send mail.

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