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life is beautiful

Wait, are you still searching? Me too! I'm sure there are many men on this website asking you to give them a chance claiming to be unique. I can only be myself. All I ask is that you give yourself the chance to find someone genuine. So if you're willing to take that opportunity, join me in my search! A search for more than just the surface. More than shallow acquaintances or meaningless conversation. A search to touch and be touched on all levels. To find a person profound and true. Shall I keep searching or is that you? I'm looking for someone willing to see past where I am to see who I am. I'm a man who is intelligent, confident and sincere. I'm 5 feet and 10 inches tall, toned medium build and 175 lbs. I'm funny. I love to laugh and flash my smile. ...
Personal Info
Screen name: jamslarry
I am: Male
Looking for: Female
Birthday: 09-28-1958
Country: United States
Zip-code: 10001
Region: New York
Nationality: American
Marital status: There are no fixed liabilities

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