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27, United States

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I am looking for a serious Man...Serious Relationship.

About me. Speaking about oneself is a bit difficult...shall I write a novel? ;-) I'm humorous, I laugh out loud (be sure).I've a sense of black humour and so I like those stories of Mr. Bean and all moves of Monthly Python. I'm communicative. I like hanging out with friends and I love chatting. I'm open for everything and latest news are always interesting for me. If I could I would like to have a trip all over the world.I love travelling! It's a kind of fascination for me to discover unknown places. It is great meeting new people,learning more about other cultures. I like listening to music, dancing, reading books, going to cinema. I love Audi TT. I love budgies, dogs and cats and I may not forget driving with my scooter. I love Weekend drives , sometime out side the ...
Personal Info
Screen name: walton209
I am: Female
Looking for: Female
Birthday: 12-28-1985
Country: United States
Zip-code: 29681
Region: South Carolina
Nationality: American
City: Simpsonville
Marital status: Single

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