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23, Philippines

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Do we live to love or love to live??

When people see me, they see a nice catholic schoolgirl who doesn’t seem to know how to have fun. All I can say is first impressions are overrated, and what you see is not usually what you get. What do I mean by that? My innocent looks can be deceiving. I’m actually a wild cat waiting to unleash my fangs on the willing prey... lol... Honestly, I’m a half-American half-Filipina, who, just like any typical young girl likes to go out, party and have fun and get it on! Get what on, you ask? Well, you’re just gonna have to find out for yourself, coz I’m not putting out ‘til you’ve turned me on... *wink*
Personal Info
Screen name: Ladyjhen08
I am: Female
Looking for: Female
Birthday: 08-15-1986
Country: Philippines
Zip-code: 67439
Region: Manila
Nationality: Finnish
City: Manila
Marital status: Single

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