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Anna Valentini is the managing attorney of Valentini Law Offices, a law firm that serves all US states.


Singles dating agency. Free dating agencies


If you are already lucky to find your life partner through one of the free dating agencies but he/she lives in another country and you need a piece of advice, our online singles dating agency can assist� by recommending you a good specialist.

I would like to begin by congratulating you on finding your soul mate! It never stops to amaze me how people who grew up in different countries, even on different continents, fall so deeply in love and create the most wonderful families. My personal experience of being married to an American has been great and in over four years, I never looked back.

Today, our private lives are heavily regulated by law. This is not necessarily a bad thing – before you make an important step, you need to know who is by your side. To give you an example, US law requires that an American fianc� provide his foreign fianc�e with detailed information on his possible previous encounters with the law.

Once you have decided to get married, you face the question – What do I do next? Whom do I contact? What forms do I need to fill out? What documents should I prepare? When? Every detail is significant and minor discrepancies in your documents can lead to a visa denial.

As a general rule, an American fianc� has to prepare to file a K-1 petition. The preparation of a K-1 petition takes a lot of time and effort, so it is important to allocate a significant amount of time for it.

When your petition gets approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the next step is your foreign fianc�e’s interview at the US Consulate. A foreign fianc�e might have never been to a visa interview and has no idea of what to expect. A caring American fianc� would take time to reassure her that she would do well.

After a K-1 visa is granted to the foreign fianc�e, arrangements need to be made for a wedding to take place in the US. Once your honeymoon is over, consider filing adjustment of status papers immediately.

A lawful permanent resident card that your foreign fianc�e would receive is colloquially called a “conditional green card” (it is conditioned on your staying married). Later, upon submitting an application, a permanent green card will be issued to your foreign fianc�e.

It is quite natural that in the complex situation you are in, you need the advice of a dependable attorney. You might want to know how to bring your children to the United States and, while in the United States, how to bring your parents and siblings to visit or live permanently with you. You might have other questions on your agenda.

Anna Valentini is a unique position to advise American-Ukrainian couples because

  • speaks fluent Russian and Ukrainian,
  • is herself married to an American and lives in the US,
  • she is licensed to practice law in the US and in Ukraine.

Feel free to call Valentini Law Offices at (212) 213-8275 or fill out this form to get in touch with us.

Again, congratulations on your engagement and I wish you all the happiness and love in the world!

This article does not constitute legal advice and it is suggested that you retain an immigration attorney.

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