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Why can’t I fall in love or where does the love live?

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Have you already visited a great number of USA dating sites and have even found some interesting people there but still believe that free USA dating is not for you because you can’t fall in love? On our dating site we will give you a piece of advice. Read the article below.

Undoubtedly, each of us thought, that we would fall in love more often. The older we became the more rarely it happens with us. People try to find different reasons for these circumstances. But people often suppose to find them elsewhere, but not in themselves.

At first, let’s try to understand why we fall in love. What is the reason for this feeling to arise in our heart? So that is the point of our story. Love arises in our heart only when we are ready for it. When we do not forbid love to arise in our heart. When we have kindness in our heart to every one. Not only just to our parents, relatives or friends but to everybody. Only when we inclined to people that are around, when we don’t see enemies in them – we are on a halfway to falling in love.

Love is built on striving to give something important to people, on our action to our people, on our desire to make the world of other person better. The contrast to it is a feeling of consumption.. A Person that just takes without giving, or that takes more than he gives can’t feel it. It would be until the direction of his feelings did not change.

For this reason, love of parents to the child and child to the parents –is different on the degree of force and nature. Parents give a lot of their love to bring up the child, to do everything for him/her and their love and force are born in their soul. But it is not always that the child has the same feelings to the parents. Parents even do not suppose to receive something in return. For this reason the parent feels an inexpressible feeling of happiness, when the child calls him daddy, or tells him about how good a father he is and how they together have spent the day off, or when somebody praises his child. At such moments the happiness that happens so is intolerable that even a man is ready to shed a tear. Why he is so happy? Just because he did not expect to hear such things. All the effort which he put in, brought up, looked after and taught all kinds of things and simply gave the Love to the child, not expecting anything in return.

It is pleasant for him . And having received in the answer unexpected confirmation that was done by him he has plunged in instant and holy happiness.

The same principles work in the relations between men and women. Originally all of us were children. But someone grew up and began to behave as a parents. And someone – has remained the child with a peculiar manner of behaviour and attitudes. Our bodies grew up, because of physiology. But our souls become adult only in case that we want to become adult. If we want give but not to take.

Unfortunately the majority of us remains children. That is why there are very few really adult people and serious relationships between men and women. A relationship when you give without expecting something instead, and when received it you feel happiness.

Very often we want to do something and hope to receive an answer. But when we don’t receive the answer we become angry. That is the first step to spoiling the relationship. It happens with every partner in such relations and early or late there is a moment, when the desire to do something pleasant to other person – disappears at all.

Such relations look rather like the game of two children, where everybody tries to prove the superiority. They are longing to each other and pushing off from each other with the same power at the same time. They are not fully confident in their power and in their position in life and try to prove it by putting pressure upon himher.

In these relations everybody just takes. If the person doesn’t receive what heshe wants – heshe takes it by blackmail and manipulations, and sometimes violence. It is enough to remember what we felt when we said “I love you” first time – the desire to hear the same answer. And when we didn’t receive such an answer we felt discomfort and shame.

Such relations can be named in different ways: attachment, habit, amorousness. They are called love but very often actually it is not love of the life…There are a very few people who can give without taking in return.

Do you want to Love? Become audacious!

To fall in love you need not be afraid, not scared, not need, not to wait a suitable man or woman. It is essential to you to become "suitable". You should forget about fear. In fact everybody deserves Love. Everybody WAITS to be loved. That after somebody would love him (her) she ( he) will love in return. So, as a result, we always only wait for something. But just give love to other. It is really pleasant, for you and for the other person.

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