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10 reasons to register with us right now. Special offer!!!

Free singles dating.Free dating single

Our free singles dating site meeting42.com is singles dating service for clever and mature people with traditional family values.

 Our purpose is to create the singles online dating space for free dating singles’ support and for giving them an opportunity to better understand themselves their needs in relationships, for assisting them in breaking the barriers which prevent them from affinity with their beloved ones, the space where people can seek advice, develop and improve their lives and relations.

High quality of a life for everyone
High quality of a life is not only financial welfare, but also internal sensation of pleasure and the happiness, accessible to everyone who aspires to it.

To reach high quality of a life is possible, having believed in yourself, in people, in Love, and, the main thing, in your unlimited opportunities.

Each person on the Earth is worthy to love and be loved.

The person can be happy both in marriage, and without it, but the partner attitudes filled by love give lives greater depth and sense. Such attitudes are support and inspiration for creativity and happiness in a daily life. The family is salutary ground for a birth and education of children.

Mutual support
Only in contact with other people the person can is deeper see her/himself, their needs and get support in the development. Giving support and sharing our experience with others, we fill their life with pleasure.

Our site meeting42.com considers, that the people arranging private life require support and care

What is DIFFER FROM other dating Sites
* Our space – is only for those who search for the present love or serious long-term relationship. You do not need to waste time to search for a needle in a haystack, trying to discover among hundreds and thousand versatile offers of the one who sees happiness in creation of family or partner relationship. Getting here, you at once appear among those who searches for the same, as you do, and is ready to build partner relationship.
* Our service –is paid. Our clients are ready to pay for our services that serve as a parameter of gravity of intentions.
* The paid service gives protection from ransacking in searches of rich extraction people, that are not ready to pay for anything and preferring to try to discover naive selectors on free sites.
* At the same time, having paid for themselves, women can feel more confident in dialogue in creating partner attitudes with men.
* One more dignity of paid services: there are no "dead souls" (as on many mullions-strong sites "dead souls"): if someone has paid for service, he/she will come here to the site.
* Our site is young. Plus its that you as the client will not be lost among crowd. It is as in multibillion city and in "little town" of grooms and brides.
* The most part of our clients come under the personal recommendation. It some kind of the club system once again supporting only serious intentions of our clients in search of partners and creation of relationship. In addition to it if you send to us under the recommendation, you get support not only from us, but also could be support from the person who has made the invitation, and, as a rule, already more skilled in search of the partner, capable to share the knowledge and small cunnings with you and to help you useful advice. See the PARTNER PROGRAM ( affiliates program).
* Lifelong support of members of our club. We give space not only for meetings, but also for knowledge of ourselves, development of the potential, mutual aid and support in overcoming barriers in creation of relationship. The tests at your service developed by psychologists for revealing and the best understanding of the needs, values and preferences in attitudes, forums for an exchange of experience, advice and direct support of our mentors, psychologists and experts.
* We give support of translators, experts and advisers in fields of dialogue with foreign partners, and also with registration of visas and other necessary documents for the international visit or registration of marriage visas so you should not attack reefs when you are defined with a choice of your partner.

* But!!! The first 1000 participants are registered free of charge and receive all bonuses paid by the VIP participants!

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