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You are right to choose our singles dating website from hundreds of other dating websites because we assist all our members in finding their True Love! Before looking for a dating website profile of a pretty lady or a handsome man read the meaning of their names. Here’s what Anna name means.

The name is Hebrew in origin and means “God’s grace.”
The name is favoured in all countries, was popular in all eras and is now in 10 top names list.
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Planet: Ceres
Colour: red
Stone amulet: femine sardius

Favourite plant: wild ash, pink starwort
Patron: Hare
Lucky day: Wednesday
Lucky season: Summer
Diminutive name forms: Anya, Anechka, Annochka, Annushka, Anka, Annyusya, Nyura, Nyusya, Anusha, Nyushal, Anyuta, Nuyta, Anneta, Neha, Asya.
Major features: femininity, truth, lover, justice

You can congratulate Anna on her name day: 23 February, 25 June, 18 July, 22 September, 16 October, 11 November, 22 December.


Anyuta is a calm but not a naughty child. Anya is usually the eldest of the children, that’s why she helps her mother from an early age. Also from an early age she is used to others being obedient to her. On one hand she has her mother’s vocal tone, on the other hand she will be tyrannical and imperative. Anya is an actress; she likes to imagine herself as the heroine of the book she is reading. She has good taste and she likes all that is really beautiful.
Anya does not yield to other people’s influence but thinks for herself and does things in her own way. She is kind, cares for puppies, kittens and brings home nestlings that have fallen from their nest. Already in childhood she can soothe one that is suffering.
At school Anya seriously resisted all that she believed to be unjust and unfair. Anya used to argue with teachers and row with peers. However, teachers found her trustworthy and children respected her and followed her leadership.
Grown-up Anna produces an impression of a person possessing some secret knowledge: an ability to foresee. She has excellent intuition, she comprehends, she guesses and envelopes all with her charm. She has much inner energy, strong will and she longs to have everything now.
She has faith only in herself. Thanks to inborn good looks, charm and insistence she is very persuasive, even to a person intent on resisting her opinion.
The sphere of Anna’s activity is rather broad. She is hard-working, completely devoted to her work and does not expect any financial remuneration. She can be an experienced engineer, a teacher, a nanny or can work in various fields of medicine. Anna is neat, attentive and good-natured. She often works as a personal assistant, censor or stage director. She possesses acting skills, can read fables and humorous stories from the stage, can be an entertainer or a TV anchor of various programmes. In some cases she may be a barmaid, a shop-assistant or a fare-collector.
Anna is a feminine spirit. Devoted wives, loving mothers and good mothers-in-law - they are all Annas. Caring for people close to her is always her concern. People around often take advantage of this. Anna is aware of this but together with some unfeminine inner strength, she leaves all as it is.
Anna chooses a spouse herself and no one can change her mind. She is passionate in love and devotes herself to it.
Anna can sew well, dresses beautifully and cares for her children well. She is not only a mother for them but a comrade, a friend. In the family she sets customs and traditions and can change them at her discretion. She is very scrupulous about people, receives friends well but undesireable people won’t get further than her hall.

Anna Yaroslavna (1025- post 1075) –a daughter of the great Knyaz Yaroslava Vladymyrovycha the Wise, the second wife of French King Henri I. Henri sent an ambassador for the princess in 1048 and married her on May, 14th 1049 in Reims Cathedral. Wishing to have an heir, Anna made a vow to build, and provide financing for, a monastery. When her first son was born, Phillip, a future king of France, Anna did build a monastery in Senlis. Besides Philip, Anna had two more sons, one of whom became a patriarch of the royal filiation Vermandois.
It seems that the royal couple lived very happily : on many state documents one may read: “ with an accord of my spouse, Anna”, “in the presence of Queen Anna.” King Henri died in 1060 and Phillip I acceded to the throne under his mother’s wardship.
Two years later Anna married Count Raul III Valois, the most powerful Seignior in France at that time. He was a close relative of the late Henri and already had a wife. For this the Pope Alexander II anathematized Raul and declared his marriage with Anna invalid. As a proud feudal lord he did not concern himself with this and lived happily with Anna for twelve years, he died in 1074.
Anna returned to the court of her son. It is known that she was one of the most favourite Queens of France. For several centuries French Kings have been taking an oath before enthronement on Reims Gospel – a manuscript book written in Slavic language and had been brought by Anna Yaroslavovna from Kiev. There’s a royal letter dated 1075 signed by Phillip I and his mother Anna Yaroslavovna.

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