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This site – “The Meeting for Two” – is for romantic clever and successful singles with traditional family values. It is for those who are looking for soul mates, who want to to each other not only on holidays but every day.

It is all about love, dreams, men and women: about happy relationships, about marriage.  

It is the key that lets us discover ourselves and look at life from a new perspective, and it is our romantic meeting place.

If you want to look into the crystal ball for your future partner and understand how to fill life with warm energy of love and happiness,

please join us.

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Parables about life, love and marriage

  • Happiness
  • God sculptured man from clay, has made all the rest of the world and he has some clay left. What would you like Me to make for you? - God asked. - Make the happiness for me, - asked ... >>>
  • All is in your hands
  • A Very long time ago in an ancient city there lived the Master surrounded by pupils. Most capable of them once has reflected: " And whether there is a question, on which our Master could not ... >>>

Verses for falling in love

  • Max Ehrmann
  • Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all ... >>>
  • Sonnet XLIII
  • When most I wink, then do mine eyes best see, For all the day they view things unrespected; But when I sleep, in dreams they look on thee, And darkly bright, are bright in dark ... >>>

The love stories

  • Ukrainian Love of a Great Frenchman or Grand and Lovely Heart Drama
  • To Mrs. Ganskaya Paris, September 9th 1833 It’s winter here, my dear, and I have moved over to my winter quarters, which we call the corner, a cool green salon, from ... >>>

Psychology of love and marriage

  • A list of the most wide-spread emotions and feelings
  • 1.Excitement 2.Greed 3.Shamelessness 4.Indifference 5.Kindliness 6.Felicity 7.Timidity 8.Rampage 9.Merriment 10.Guilt 11.Infatuation 12.Resentment ... >>>
  • Why can’t I fall in love or where does the love live?
  • Undoubtedly, each of us thought, that we would fall in love more often. The older we became the more rarely it happens with us. People try to find different reasons for these circumstances. But ... >>>

What we think of love and marriage

  • For you, Gentlemen! Marriage Casting (Choosing your wife)
  • No, no, no! No love at first sight! No infatuation! No sunstroke! No feelings at all but cold selection. Why? Because now we are going to talk about the choosing of your WIFE, your ... >>>

In the romantics world

  • Autumn fairy-tale about love
  • An autumn has already come to an end… But however it left nice, sunny days in our memory, which warm us in such nostalgic time of year. An autumn… someone likes to go for a walk in ... >>>

Любовь без границ

  • Anna Valentini is the managing attorney of Valentini Law Offices, a law firm that serves all US states.
  • I would like to begin by congratulating you on finding your soul mate! It never stops to amaze me how people who grew up in different countries, even on different continents, fall so deeply in ... >>>
  • Etiquette in Ukraine and Ukrainian habits
  • Bring a gift to the family who invites you to their home for dinner. A bottle of wine, cake, box of candy, souvenir or bouquet of flowers are traditional. A small gift for the child is ... >>>


  • Whether fear takes molehill for mountain?
  • Who don’t know the feeling of fear or timidity. But is it always justified? >>>
  • Revelations of self-appraisal
  • As ancient philosophers said: “If you want to be loved, love oneself at first”. Sometimes it is better to smile, than to quarrel, it is better to say a compliment, than to express ... >>>

Aphorismen über Liebe, Ehe

  • To love is...
  • To love is not an illness; it is an illness not to love. >>>
  • Love is like...
  • Love is like luck; it does not like to be pursued. >>>

Romantic SMS

  • If love is a leaf
  • If love is a leaf, I give you the whole garden; if love is a drop, I give you the whole sea; if love is a moment, I give you the whole eternity. >>>
  • I cannot write poems
  • I cannot write poems, but I write my first poem for you: first of all I am jealous of you, secondly I kiss you, thirdly I love you. >>>

Scherze über Ehe, Liebe, Sex

  • The paradox
  • The paradox is when happiness is knocking on the door, and you complain about the noise! >>>
  • A chap is sitting, drinking in a dimly lit bar
  • A chap is sitting, drinking in a dimly lit bar. He sees a large blonde woman on the next chair and decides to try out a chat-up line on her: Do you want to hear a ridiculous joke about ... >>>

Bedeutung von den Namen

  • YULIYA – (LATIN) – BORN IN JULY. IT IS PRONOUNCED JULIA IN WESTERN MANNER. Zodiac: Leo (Lion) Planet: Sun Colour: bright yellow Stone amulet: amber Favorite ... >>>
  • JOHN
  • JOHN – (HEBREW) – GOD’S GIFT This name is popular in many countries and cultures: Jean, Yan, Hans, Giovanni, Yuhan, Huan, etc. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius Planet: ... >>>




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     Re: Bad dates! 06-28-2008 guest demo23 said: I had millions of dates and most of them were unsuccessful(( Please help!
     Re: It's weird) 06-28-2008 guest admin said: Very ofetn people are different in reality from the image they have online. ...
     It's weird) 10-11-2007 chubuk Very ofetn people are different in reality from the image they have online. Share the stories ...
     Welcome! 10-11-2007 chubuk Welcome to this room and here we encourage you to share your knowledge on ice-breakers and ...
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