Dealing With Long Distance Relationships

You start crying as soon as the airplane starts to leave the tarmac. Memories of the wonderful weekend you just spent with your boyfriend are running over and over again in your mind. As you close your eyes you can actually feel him in your arms and feel his arms around you. Through the tears, your heart fills with all the wonderful emotions you experienced while together, the laughter, the wonderful conversation, the lovemaking.

But then as you hear the loudspeaker announcing the next flight, you’re jarred back to reality, realizing that he’s gone and it might be quite some time before you see him again. Soon he’ll be thousands of miles away from you. And when you do see him again, you know it might only be for a few days.

A long-distance relationship can be an emotional rollercoaster, filled with highs and lows. At times you ask yourself why you ever entering into this relationship, to begin with. Or you tell yourself that this can’t go on any longer. It’s too difficult. But then you are overwhelmed with how much you love him. How can you just give him up?

When you deeply love someone and have to be apart from them for a period of time it’s agonizing. Perhaps your loved one is a soldier, or his career keeps you apart. No matter the reason, long-distance relationships often come with as much pain as they bring pleasure.

So what is a person in a long-distance relationship to do? The only thing you can do is adjust your attitude and your daily mindset.

Start by evaluating the reasons for the distance. Is the reason that you’re not living in the same city because of an opportunity that will better your partner? If so, then know that when you’re partner realizes his or her goals and improves as a person, your relationship benefits.

Don’t let the painful feelings rule your days and nights. You know what to expect, so expect it. You know that there is going to be loneliness and heartache. It’s a lot easier to deal with if you know it, face it, and brace yourself for it. You basically have two options, wallow in your pain and walk around with an aching heart most of the day, or you can focus on how happy you are that your partner is growing in their career or that they’re serving their country. You know that for the next two weeks, you’ll have perhaps three half-hour telephone conversations with your partner. Rather than looking at the situation as, “All I get is a telephone conversation,” say to yourself, “I’m so looking forward to his call.”

Do your best to overcome the challenges that come with a long-distance relationship. Commit yourself to be happy and the miles will melt away.

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