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Dating matchmaking. Free matchmaking


If you have found your soul mate on a dating matchmaking site then you probably try to know as much information about the person as possible – from the free matchmaking profile, from your letters, from his/her photo. Don’t forget that the person’s name speaks for itself. Read the meaning of Yuliya name.


Zodiac: Leo (Lion)
Planet: Sun
Colour: bright yellow
Stone amulet: amber
Favorite plants: oak tree, sunflower
Patron: dragonfly
Lucky day: Sunday
Lucky season: summer
Major features: restraint, vulnerability

You can congratulate Yulia on her name day: 29 July, 31 May.

Yulia is a touchy and vulnerable girl. She has frequently changing moods, she is cheerful and noisy and suddenly for no reason she becomes sluggish and apathetic. In this state it is better to leave the girl alone, as time passes she will return to her previous mood.
She is difficult to talk to, she insists on her own position until the end and is reluctant to admit her mistakes. From childhood Yulya has worshiping and takes it for granted. She is a reserved and silent girl, who is not always resolute. Her parents need to develop her activity.
Yuliya has a quick mind and an excellent memory, is rather curious but is prone to generalization. She is fond of fantasy and the supernatural, she likes different horoscopes and fortune-telling. Yulya reads much, usually novels.
Yuliya has vast opportunities in career choice. She can be a lawyer, IT specialist, medical worker, actress, art critic, painter, model or stewardess.
Yuliya is diligent in work and errands. She cannot stand preaching and she does not preach to anyone herself. She treats men and women equally. She takes hard any betrayals, misdealings or misfortunes but she restrains herself and does not show her emotions.
Yuliya is beautiful with a good athletic body, always fashionably dressed, very feminine. Both men and women sense her mystique at once, the former fall in love, the latter are jealous.
Yuliya is reserved but sensuous, specially when she meets a man whom she likes very much. She likes sex but is usually not passionate and is easy to climax. Yuliya is aware of her attractiveness and can manipulate men.
The family life of Yuliya is not easy to settle. Household duties do not occupy her, though she can do everything excellently but she needs the right mood to do it, not an everyday occurance. She has a lot of friends, she is happy to receive them at her home. Yuliya has noble manners. Usually holidays are of no interest to her, she always finds some zest.

This red-haired woman with a smile past her ears became famous to the public for her role in the movie "Pretty Woman", in which she played a prostitute with whom a successful businessman ( played by Richard Gere) falls in love. For this role Julia was nominated for an Oscar in 1991 as Best Actress by American Academy Awards. She remains one of the most brilliant Hollywood stars.
Julia Roberts (birth name is Julie Fiona Roberts) was born on October 28, 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia, USA. From childhood she was surrounded by different actors, film directors and other people visiting the Actors and Writers Workshop owned by her parents. That’s why she and her brother, Eric Roberts, acquired the love of acting from an early age. Eric was the first who managed to break into the big screen: he acted in a film for the first time when Julia was 11.
After finishing school Julia studied journalism for some time at Atlanta University and then she followed her elder brother and sister Lisa to New York. There she first worked as a shop-assistant in a sports footwear shop in Manhattan. In 1986 her brother Eric, who acted in over 40 movies, including Adnrei Konchalovsky "Runaway Train", helped her get a minor role in a film.
When filming was over, it lay on a dusty shelf and wasn`t released until 1990. Julia got her first break with her professional debut in 1988. Her popularity started to grow when Julia was nominated for an Oscar for her role as a doomed bride in "Steel Magnolias" (1989).
Her success was finally consolidated by her role in the famous film "Pretty Woman", (1990), which made Julia loved by audiances from all over the world. This simple, kind and sentimental story of the love between a prostitute and a rich businessman (Richard Gere), despite its triviality and resemblance to the story of Cinderella, could not leave the viewer unmoved.
Her next movie, released in 1995, "Something To Talk About" was not a box office success but critics admired her fresh and relaxed acting. The film "Everyone Says I Love You" (1996), in which the actress starred with Woody Allen, received similar acclaim. In 1997, the most highly paid actress, again managed to earn a tidy sum from the complete triumph of the romantic comedy "My Best Friend`s Wedding", which again brought critics’ admiration, fame, fans and, finally, nomination for a Golden Globe award. Then Julia shares, with Mel Gibson, a huge fee for the thriller "Conspiracy Theory". 1998 was not completely successful for the actress, the melodrama "Stepmom", in which Julia starred with Susan Sarandon and Ed Harris, turned out to be mediocre. However, in 1999 the next run of good luck begins, marked with romantic comedies "Notting Hill", where Julia plays a megastar falling in love with the owner of an ordinary book store (Hugh Grant), and "Runaway Bride", which the actress again filmed with Gere.
Julia Roberts "Shoelace" motion picture studio thrives, busy with the filming of different genres, from Alfred Hitchcock`s "To Catch a Thief" to the real events odyssey "From Alice to Ocean". She earned 12 million dollars for starring in the remake of George Cukors` "The Women" opposite Meg Ryan. However, the project is developing rather slowly.
Julia had many admirers but now we’ll tell you about her great and unrequited love to Richard Gere.
A prince for a pretty woman
Pretty Woman gave her the love of millions and Richard Gere. When seeing him on the film set for the first time, Jul literally lost her tongue and all the time when they were being introduced to each other, she stood speechless, fluttering her long eyelashes and smiling. “ It is the first time I have to film with a mute actress.” said Gere, offering her his hand in greeting. Julia did not stop smiling, feeling that she was dying. He was handsome, confident but cold. Julia, losing control just from Gere’s glance, transferred her own doubts, hopes and disappointments to the film which captured her feelings down to the smallest detail.
"She is a genius!" the film director whispered admiringly, observing Roberts’ transformation in the picture. He could not imagine that in the scene being shot there was not a drop of acting – just absolute emotions. Julia along with her "Pretty Woman" had met the man of her dreams and now she went bonkers because of her newly felt emotions. The young woman would sit somewhere at a distance from and out of Gere’s sight and watch him read, drink coffee and chat over telephone. In the evenings, when there was no-one on the set, she tried on his suits, breathing the smell of her beloved, absorbed during the day. It is unknown why Jul convinced herself that Richard reciprocated her feelings because she does not combine work with her personal life, only when all necessary shots are complete will they be able to be together.
At the completion of filming, the "Pretty Woman" film director organized a grand party. Folk drank and had fun. Julia, clad in a pearl-white transparent dress, was a queen for the evening and it was only Richard who did not look at her. During the whole evening he came up to her only twice, hugged her as a friend, kissed her neck and that was all. Julia, who had staked much of her hopes on the evening, felt that she was on the verge of crying. When she saw that the guests would soon be leaving, Julia grabbed Richard by the hand, dragged him on the balcony and snuggling into him with her tender pearly body, confessed of her love. He was stroking her hair, keeping his silence for a long time and later, whilst trying to avoid her dewy, excited look, said that they could not be together. "Why not?", feeling her heart sinking, exclaimed Julia. “Because I am married.” answered Gere and went home where he had been expected for a long time.
“He did not even give me the offer to be his lover!" Roberts was indignant after endless month of tears and sufferings. "He considers me to be unworthy of him.” Julia could not explain Richard’s behaviour up to the end, that’s why she made the conclusion that he found her too ordinary, thick (specially in comparison with his wife Cindy Crawford) and little-known. Neither nomination for an Oscar, the loss of 12 kilos nor people adoring her altered the situation. Richard was the same married, cold man and Julia felt humiliated and lonely.
Destiny brought together Roberts and Gere for the second time on the film set of "Runaway Bride" and Julia realised that she had not got Richard completely out of her heart. All was going on exactly as she had dreamt, he lost his head from love and she was in a white gown. One detail – it was not in reality but in the film. The situation did not change a bit, it was as if there had not been the passing of 10 years, marking Richard’s face with thin wrinkles and Julia with an unsuccessful marriage and rivers of lost tears. They were together again: a woman secretly watching a man drink coffee, read, talk and a man who does not need this woman, the same as ten years previously. Filming was coming to an end and Julia felt that there was a discussion ripening for them. It was inevitable and that’s why, when Roberts, having finished the last scene, came up to Richard he did not divert his eyes. They stood opposite to each other, as if two soldiers of a long finished war, and with eye contact binding them there was too much of everything to express it with mere words. Nevertheless they talked, long, painfully and probably for the last time. “Why am I so miserable?” Julia asked Richard at the end. He answered “You care too much about unnecessary things"." How a man exhibits his feelings in public, how careful he is in choosing his wedding suit, how he looks on a photo beside you and how respectable he is. The only thing that really matters is that this man loves you. You should find a man to love you ,or, to be more particular, to let him find you. That’s all.” At that moment Julia realized that all this time Richard had watched her life, he was close in his mind and that’s why his words were so truthful.
Destiny gave her such a man when somebody rang her door and the ring was very persistent. “I did not expect anybody to visit” said Julia and did not open the door. Five minutes later, a man appeared at the door saying “sorry I pushed it and it opened by itself”. “What a fool I am to stay at home with the door open ” thought Julia and asked "do I know you?" "Why are you here?" “ no …. I mean yes" the visitor was obviously nervous was clenching a paper bag more and more firmly in his hand. " Julia, we have been working together for five years in one studio. My name is Daniel Moder, I am a cameraman. The matter is that you did not show for a week and I got worried , whatever might have happened, you know. Well I brought you some ice-cream, your favourite one…” Roberts rifling with the paper bag, which had passed from the visitor’s hand to hers. "Baskin-Robbins, Vanilla. I adore it!” she said and, without hesitation, started on the ice-cream. All the time Julia was eating Daniel stood opposite her, staring. She only noticed the visitor when she lifted her head from an empty bucket. "What’s wrong? Why do you stare at me?” asked Jul licking the spoon. “Excuse me for being so bold .. but you are so beautiful”, the man answered without taking his eyes from Robert’s face which was dirty with vanilla ice-cream.
P.S. Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder got married July 4, 2002. Wedding arrangements were secret, that’s why there were not many guests, around forty people (only close relatives and several friends) who all thought to the last moment that they were going to Julia and Daniel`s to celebrate Independence Day.

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