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All is in your hands


Free usa dating. usa online dating.


Have you already visited a lot free USA dating sites and have met a lot of interesting people but have not found your happiness in USA online dating? If you need the answer to your question read the parable below.

A Very long time ago in an ancient city there lived the Master surrounded by pupils. Most capable of them once has reflected: " And whether there is a question, on which our Master could not give the answer? " He has gone on a blossoming meadow, has caught the most beautiful butterfly and has hidden it between his palms. The butterfly clinged paws to his hands, and it tickles the pupil`s palms. Smiling, he approached the Master and has asked:

- Tell, what butterfly is in hands: alive or dead?

He held the butterfly strongly in the close palms and was ready to compress in any time for the sake of the true.

Without looking at hands of the pupil, the Master has answered:

-All is in your hands.

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